We may feel like we are one of the smartest generations in the history of humanity, but when it’s all said and done, we may go down in history as one of the very dumbest.I a world where O.J. Simpson tales once again is pulling our leg, this shows up. It’s brilliant advertising. Diesel continues their fashion’ish+society critic way of communicating to their Brand Lovers.flood5.jpgflood6.jpgflood4.jpgIn the past years anyone who’s anything has entered the media scene with opinions about Global Warming. One could sadly say that the ‘wear out’ effect has kicked in. What is needed is another rhetoric -the opinion leader needs to find another way to engage and involve the citizens in this important message. And that’s excatly what’s loveable about the Diesel “Global Warming Ready” campaign – it portrays the potential look of this new world in an aesthetically beautiful way. Finally we see an anti-scaremongering way to do it. Nice!  Ps. If interested check out this scary link: Scary