i think it is high time to let the world know what the hell we are doing here and maybe who we are. well behind this blog are the eloquent and always optimistic people of mec communication. based in copenhagen our vision is quite plainly to set the agenda for comms planning in the nordics. our mission is to develop brilliant and measurable strategic ideas and activations that drive clients´ business objectives and sales based on strong real insights and exploiting our cutting edge knowledge about new and old media channels. wow eh… we have core values such as “rock n’ roll”, which insidently is the passion and favorite pass time of one of the founding fathers – kristian baek (thats me) and the favorite skateboard trick of the other – lars samuelsen (although i doubt he really pulls it off as gracefully as he boasts). in fact here is what i imagine it looks like when lars gets on his board.
the comms business in the nordics need a huge shot of rock n’ roll and that’s what we intend to give it. “cohones” is another another value which lies close to our hearts. physically of course they are located further south. we are owned by a media company. and if there is one thing the media business needs it is a bit of balls. these values are paired with “structure” and “accountability”, which we see as some of the most important qualities our ideas must contain – along with stellar creativity, sexiness and differentiation. pretty cool eh… well we think so, but then again we get a bit nerdy when it comes to these things.digital vinyl is intended to be our outlet. we are alowed to swear here, without fear of getting sacked by the big owner of well everything including us mr. wpp – sir martin sorell , but as previously stated we are very optimistic and will usually refrain from foul language – fucking rooooight. in the following days, months and years you will get our views and comments on stuff we find relevant and interesting in our work and also some of the things we think suck. an example of the latter are the big “proforma” pitches that companies run more out of a sense of duty than desire. the clients never change their agency and they waste a huge amount of time and money for the participating comms companies. recent examples of his in dk is danske spil, tdc and dsb – these companies literally wasted milions of euros – not their own but ours…of course we didn’t win any of these pitches so this is probably just sour grapes. i’ll dry my eyes and stop crying now. i need a biscuit.

thats pretty much it. a finaly note – digital vinyl will be written in both english and danish so don’t get confused. we are several people writing and we all prefer writing in different languages. so there you have it. i always found that visuals are the strongest language, so i will leave you with a work of art from one of my favourite communicators – good ol’ banksy. i think the picture sums my view of the current state of affairs in advertising up perfectly…

another crap advert

have a great weekend and catch yall soon.