This was spotted in Tokyo and Beverly Hills.

A.P.C. – which is a french clothing label with stores around the world acts in a superior way. A.P.C. has understood the importance of using the store as prevailing medium. The Tokyo store as communication weapon directs attention towards their target audience – younger people. A general insight towards this segment, is grounded in their ad-resistent, curios mindset and aim for being mentally stimulated and challenged.



Thus, the frontage of the store in Tokyo is unbranded (The A.P.C. logo is engraved in the floor), which naturally teases the “viewer” – but, again it´s decisive, that the experience inside the store fully fulfills expectations. The internal communication and products needs to be aligned with expectations, which in sum will make the brand appear superior. However, it should be said that using the store as medium in such a way, is only possible in case you have a well-established brand with clear insight on your brand passengers. Pradas store (picture below) in Beverly Hills is another example of UNBRANDED UNDERPLAYED BRANDING.