It’s about 5h 25 mins ago since I fell in love…again! It wasn’t this typical kind of homo sapiens love. But the kind of love that you, if lucky, are able to experince several times in a lifetime – Over and over again. Our relationship is rather onesided, though. Actually, im the only one expressing my true feelings. And that’s absolutely okay. I guess what’s expected from 16GB brain capacity, a gorgeous 3.5 inch widescreen display, and only 120 grams of elegance. Let me introduce mr. iPod – the only one you can touch.  Oh my. We’ve only known each other few hours, so we’re still in the “Hi, let’s get to know each other” phase. But I must say, it looks promising. Though he’s travelled all the way from Canada, we have a perfect understanding of each others needs. I will keep you guys updated about our relationship as we go along. Keep your fingers crossed! Some thing great things could come out of this.


Ps. Love-specs