I have been looking forward to start blogging on Digital Vinyl and sharing my thoughts on the industry and the things we got going in mec communication and finally (even though it is 6.15 a.m) I am going to start contributing. I was reading some old posts on planningonsubversion the other day and there was one particular post that got me thinking about the future of our industry.

 3 rules for new planners

  • Hate advertising
  • Buy no media 
  • Talk to customers

If you look at some of the campaigns that where successful at Cannes (Nike+, Tate Modern, Tap Project, Earth Hour and BK Games) I think that there is a tendency toward viewing effective communication as being more complex then cranking out a few ads, buying some media space, making sure you have the right reach and frequency (whatever that means), keeping your fingers crossed and hope that your new product will sell like hotcakes. When you look at some of the aforementioned campaigns the great insight, the big idea and a brilliant execution are all working together to create something meaningful, interesting and worthwhile for the customer. I believe that these campaigns show us a glimpse of the kind of communication that is going to be effective in a world where attention is the most scarce commodity.