I must admit. Orange is one of my favorite telco companies in the www (whole wide world). Unfortunately they do not operate in DK, so I can’t say that I have had the pleasure of a true Orange Brand Experience. Working as a strategic planner for an international advertising agency for a couple of years brought the Orange world into my life. I would like to tell you guys why I have this ‘Orange love’. They know that telco-consumers are some of the most disloyal and flirtatious customers a brand could ever have. Price-driven and easy to persuade with new mobile phones. So what do one do?  Well first of all, Orange has a cultural relevance in the way they communicate. ‘The future’s bright – The future’s Orange’ – a compelling optimistic and curious way to be in the world. Secondly they have a developed their business model and breaking traditional telco-conventions. We see a few examples of this in DK now, but must I remind you; Orange has done this for years.

At Orange, they think the cinema’s best when you’ve got someone to go with. And because of that they have created Orange Wednesdays, which gives you 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1, every Wednesday. This is just one example of their content-driven strategy and key offer to their consumers. Maybe not the most untraditional, and conventions-breaking offer, but remember that Orange Wednesdays was invented by Orange years ago. And they keep momentum by adding new offering to their costumers all the time.

Another thing is their communication. One of the best examples of this cultural affinity they, in my opinion, are excellent at conveying to the consumer is actually a couple of years old. The campaign idea shows how the blackout of electricity affected New York in 14. August 2003, and explains how a man had only noticed the diversity of the city when his mobile was off and he walked home. Enjoy!

Stand alone, this ad might not strike you as something out of the ordinary. How blunt is it to ask people to switch your phone off. Well, that’s a perfectly understandable argument, but I think the creative solution justifies the means. Play into a specific event, influencing a whole city and use this as a synonym for the world we live in and how quickly things can change.The follow-up ad to the NYC Blackout was a Carneval in Rio.

Live for the moment. Do the unexpected. If you have something to say – say it! Good things happen when your phone’s turned on. And this if why I think this one of my favorite campaigns. I hope you share my enthusiasm. Let me know what you think.

/Annette Flinck