The so called “real life” we live has for most people been more and more digitalized over the last couple of years…the digitalization has changed the way we communicate with each other and given us a billion different ways to connect to each other and hereby a billion different  ways to connect to our consumers.

We communicate with people we have never met on our myspace profile where we also upload all kinds of pictures, movies, music and brands we love to express to the people in the digital world who we are. We use different digital icons to express our mood in a messenger chat – and this has also been used by many brands in a commercial way as showing the connection to the brands we love is a very common way in the real world to express ourselves, so this of course also goes for the digital. 

 The digitalization has even changed the way we go for a run – just think of the brilliant cooperation that came out of Nike + iPod. A great example of how a thing from the real life like a running shoe and a thing from the digital world like the iPod has given the consumer/runner a real added value. Not to mention an idea that has given Nike and Apple a lot of attention and probably even better figures on the bottom line.  

What I am trying to say is that there must be so many other opportunities to combine the features of a physical thing with a digital attribute and create real added value to the consumers. Just have a look at this example that illustrates how the digital world can actually become psychical and give us some extra fun when chatting on messenger.

And to use it in a commercial way why couldn’t the bugs be replaced and produced with little Shreck dolls, Fiona dolls, the Donkey dolls etc. when UIP was launching the new Shreck III…just to mention one idea. And here is another video showing more opportunities to make the digital space more physical and through that creating new “products/ideas”. And if there is not a commercial possibility in developing this further I would be very surprised……