hello all. i just got back from paris. and what a great city. i was just amazed by all the great store fronts and how much care and effort the parisians put into presenting their products to the world.here is a fantastic ice cream store called myberry where the store front and the counter is actually in one piece…


Oliver’s and Co is an entire store dedicated to selling olive oil. And they do a fantastic job of giving the design a sort of old fashioned traditional flavour.

Oliver’s and Co

and Bernard Magney – a whiskey store with a high polished all black store front. very cool.

Bernard Magney

le mouton noir – the black sheep with an all green front…hmmm

le mouton noir

fermob outdoor lounge – creates a very cool outstanding window display.

fermob outdoor lounge

and and and colette’s – what a great store. i’ll write more about this store in another post.


the final example is completely different. this was an outstanding restaurant my girlfriend and i ate in called the black calavados. the concept here is BLACK. the front is underbranded, simply stating bc in black. the interior is all black – high polish. the light is dim and there is a great loft painting remniscient of the sistene chapel. the menu is black the concept for the food is black – black aubergine, black sauce, black chocolate, black coffee, etc. they play quite loud rock n’ roll – not uncomfortably loud but definately not muzak. and its owned by chris cornell. fantastic…and extremely recomendable.

the black calavados

that’s it…