I was reading an article in the Danish paper Berlingske Tidende that basically compared the makers of the Bratz dolls to a pedophile and blaming them for turning some girls into prostitutes!!The argument was that Bratz has become the new role model instead of Barbie and Bratz wear “sexy” outfits and make-up which makes the children think that they should do that as well. This interferes with their beautiful innocent childhood (this is the comparison to the pedophile) and make them think that the only way to get success in life is by being sexy: 


I do think the author of the article has a point in some of the things he is pinpointing and that Bratz is definitely not helping to improve the self esteem of little girls who sees Bratz as role models….but then again neither was Barbie who he his talking very positively about and making her look like the innocent girl with no bad intentions. Years ago Barbie was also blamed for a number of different things e.g. being to skinny and if she was a real person she wouldn’t be able to stand up etc and this was making little girls anorexic However I think it is very important to remember that marketers and products has a big influence in many ways, but the ones with – or at least the ones that should have – the largest responsibility in this matter are the parents!The parents are the ones that should set the limits and the boundaries and talk to their children; make them feel loved and though this make them get a good self esteem. And if this happens I am sure that Bratz or any other product will not be able to have the influence that the writer is suggesting.  Furthermore I think is important to say that more and more marketers are moving away from picture perfect and some marketers like Dove is even working on given people a more realistic picture of encouraging parents to help their children get a better self esteem:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=JaH4y6ZjSfE /Stine