Dove has done it again. Well, for starters, it’s not just a commercial. It is a great film.A follow up to the Cannes award winning piece ‘Evolution’ where we see a ordinary woman transforming into a photoshop’ish beauty. For years now, Dove has pledged for the citizens in the world, that we need to change the way we see ourselves in terms of beauty. The succes of the Campaign for real beauty  part one has been outstanding, and now they’re ready with a follow-up campaign emphazising once again the cultural relevance of the brand and it’s point of view. A brand who’s most recent viral video chronicles the damaging effect of unrealistic media images on young girls. In one brief minute, it indicts the culture’s obsession with Barbie-doll exteriors, raises the consciousness of girls and women and exposes the inner ugliness of the so-called beauty industry. And you can’t take your eyes off of it for a second. Love it.If any of you out there would like to share some observations or thoughts on the Dove phenomenon please feel free to comment!