Hello yall

I just thought I would share 3 of my all time favorite pieces of visual communication with you all – advertisements in the form of music videos. The relevance to this blog is the outstanding and groundbreaking visual style of the videos coupled with great content…fooking great tunes ehh. If only regular commercials were made with this level of visuals and creativity I doubt that the industry would be struggling as much as it is.

“Go with the flow” by Queens of the Stoneage. Fantastic two color universe – remember this precedes Sin City and 300 by about 5 years…made by an outfor called Shynola. Read more about the video here – http://features.cgsociety.org/story_custom.php?story_id=1072

“Fell in love with a Girl” by The White Stripes. The Stripes are notorious for their rigid style sensibilities. Here they merge it with Legos – a fantastic production by Michel Gondry.

And finally a very old classic – “Window Licker” by Aphex Twin – Completely innovative for the time – scary and funny at the same time. Chris Cunningham at his very best.

A funny little related story. I had a small picture frame with one of the “ladies” from the video sitting on my desk – a very small altar to weirdness and creativity and Aphex Twin. As time went by I changed the picture with the picture of my girlfriend. One of my colleagues asked me (completely serious) if I’d started dating a new girl…apparently she thought that my ex had a very large chest and a beard…hmmm no. She did comment that my new girlfriend looked much nicer. Gee thanks…

I’ll just throw in a bonus, what the hell – although everyone surely seen this. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys – Spike Jonze directed it. Fantastic style and storytelling. Rock’n’roll.

Hope you enjoy.