We have been working with the Finnish branch of one of our international clients and have been to Helsinki a couple of times in the last month. Great city and very good people up there.

We facilitated a Connection Point Workshop between the client, the creative agency and MEC and came away with some good solid thinking and some great ideas for us to refine and build on. Once again it was a pleasure to see the result of different competencies working together to achieve greater results for the client.

For me it was (again) a strong indication about the future of marketing and communication. The time where agencies worked in isolation and build the big idea by themselves have long gone and the few agencies that try to hold on to this way of doing business will in my oppinion have an increasingly difficult time attracting and retaining clients. 

The future is collaboration and we need to start helping our clients get the most out of their communication budgets and the best way to do this is to become less afraid of working together across different agency types and models.