I must admit. I have a huge respect for what DOVE has achieved during the last couple of years. Now Dove has launched The Reality Diaries online. A true engaging idea!
In a more teen-focused way than the usual, thought provoking pieces Dove does, the diaries log the lives of four 15-17 year old girls and their thoughts on boys, beauty and body image.


The site hosts videos showing interviews with the four girls, answering questions such as ‘so, you don’t have a great relationship with your mother’ and so on.

The site has (not surprisingly) already been met with some sceptism. According to Contagious Magazine, the all-female creative and strategic think tank 3iYing, commented: ‘When we stripped away the amazing music and cool video effects of these films and got down to the real message, we realized there’s a contradiction here. Dove claims it’s helping girls to build self-esteem. Instead, it often feels like they’re encouraging people to pass judgment on girls. The anti-beauty-industry tack doesn’t fly for a generation that uses Photoshop to clean up their Facebook images and is used to seeing paparazzi images of celebrities on bad days.’

Well, judge for yourself. No matter what I applaud the ongoing dynamics these guys add to the concept, and I think that this case illustrates that it is important that you move on with caution – especially if you are a beauty gigant trying going upstream.