I just read this article in the Danish business daily Børsen about the Christian church’s response to an estimated 35% church going in the year 2025, down from 70% today. The solution for one guy was to launch… www.godTube.com. And no that is not a joke in very poor taste on my behalf. Apparently the new thing on the net are religious websites. According to Kristelig Dagblad (The Christian Daily), there are more religious websites launches than porn sites today. This number has 9-doubled since 2004 according to Altavista.

I find this fact extremely interesting since the first industry to really embrace the Internet were the pornographers. And now it is Religion. If the different chrurches can find a way to market their product online, which doesn’t seem that hard to imagine. Click for salvation. Subscribe for absolution. Paypal administers your Purgatory account… It could indeed prove a revolution for the church who have a very inpalpable product. It will be very interesting to follow. I’ll try to keep updated on the progress and post more here.

Here is an advertisement made on godtube of a little girl reciting psalm no. 23. It is meant to look like a home video. Maybe it is, but I expect that it is more constructed than we are led to believe. Anyways it is skillfully done, whether you like that sort of thing or not. Very cute and with definate viral potential. Good job Mr. Pope? Just kidding.

Here is another classic example of God talking to us through unconventional measures. Less cute but I think I prefer this one:-)