I just thought I’d invite you all to attend the second version of Act Out Awards, which will take place on thursday, November 28, 2007. in Hal D in Copenhagen. In short ACT OUT AWARDS is the result of the following discouse:

The Challenge: The technical schools in Denmark have a bad image within the target group (15-17yrs). It‘s an uncool place with old-fashioned courses. The schools offer much more but it is hard to get the message through to these ad-resistant youngsters. We concluded that we had to change the schools from withing. We had to works on the identity before we could get startet on the image.

The Solution: Creation of ACT OUT AWARDS – a competition that allows for technical creativeness while showcasing the schools’ offers. Using youngsters’ media: website (www.skabdig.dk), user-generated content, viral campaign, MSN Messenger TAB and PR activities.

The Results for ACT OUT AWARDS I: 52 teams competed. 100,000 website users. 600 students/ potential students attending the Awards Show ceremony. The value of additional press coverage amounted to 65% of the total campaign budget.

Here is a short clip of the Awards show from the first execution. Excellent fun.

In the course of the first round of ACT OUT campaign, we actually had someone make a tribute fan video for the compaign. This has never happened to me before, so I’ll share that with you also. If you don’t have a fan video yet…I highly recommend it. It works wonders for your ego. That really shows the power of User Generated communication.

Finally I’ll share one of the clips we made and seeded for viral distribution. Not conventional sex and violence, but all about technical creativity and how women can now pee standing up. Our final bastion has fallen…speaking as a man.

Read more about the ACT OUT campaign on www.skabdig.dk. Hope you all enjoy and hope to see you in Hal D on November 28.

ACT OUT AWARDS on the School Agenda