The few good men out there, frequently listening to the Digital Vinyl gospel has probably noticed the serials of ‘Dove-vertising’ admiration. The story continues here, but as in any good drama, the storyline now takes a dramatic turn. And I must admit a  somewhat predicitable add-on to the Dove sequal…

Dove’s viral video attack on beauty advertising has produced a strong criticism against Unilever from e.g. activists and bloggers who see it as hypocritical coming from the same company that markets Axe. Why can Unilever, also being the marketeer of Axe, question and attack the ad values of beauty industry ? When you unleash an viral film like “Onslaught” on YouTube, you’re looking for trouble. This viral film illustrates the dilemma in a very direct and understandable way. 

It is definitly a dilemma, and a relevant perspective in a corporate brand point of view. Even if only one in 100 people may know that Unilever owns both brands, the web 2.0 is empowering the word of mouth. The crowd is anticipating the next steps of Dove/Unilever. 

If your’e interested in reading more aspects of the story, Adage did a great piece on this.