What everybody is talking about these days is that social media is taking over and soon the media world as we know it gone, so we need to start thinking in different ways to reach the consumers.We see studies that show that “participatory websites” like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Flickr now account for 12% of all web traffic. This is up 686% from just two years ago.  Networking is getting more and more important and we spend more and more time on it.However at the same time we see studies showing that we spend more and more time in the bathroom, because this is basically the only room left where we have some time on our own and a little privacy.  

There is an interesting paradox in this as there will always be reactions towards trends in society. So maybe all of this social media and networking hype will give a comeback to “time alone” media where no one can see whether you are online or what your favorite band is.  There is no doubt that we need think more about communicating with the consumers and not only as a one way message, but maybe the media world will not change completely as I believe there will still be a need for privacy and just being in the bathroom reading an old fashioned newspaper or magazine…