The good thing about the years coming to an end, is that you’re always more enlightened than you we’re when the year started. Today it’s time to take a look of what happened in the world of brands, communications, trends and businesses in the year we are leaving behing.

The bright bunch from Contagious Magazine has done a Most Contagious briefing of 2007. They write in the introduction:

“If you began 2007 thinking that wikinomics must be a group of Hawaiian mathematicians, that an API was some kind of repetitive strain injury and that laser tagging is the latest crime prevention wheeze from the Greater Manchester Police, then don’t worry. We did too.”

There’s some great reading in there, so if you didn’t already know, now is the time to really understand what happend when you we’re hit by the technology train in 2007.

 Merry, merry..