Hello world

I know this is probably totally laggard news. But I just read that the TV-show, Mythbusters on Discovery Channel, took up the Dynamite Surfing myth, created by Saatchi and Saatchi in Copenhagen for Quicksilver and tried to disproof in on their show. How cool is that? And what a great example of new world media communication making it into programming and ATL. After approx. 30 million views of the clip itself that’s just fantastic.

It seems that the Dynamite Surfing viral effect just never stops. This must be the best case of viral comms the world has seen so far. It really dominates many of the viral drivers…action, true or false, production values, handheld, etc. making it a fantastic viral clip. (The music is annoying though) And getting picked up by Mythbusters is really a testament to tis. Good work to the creative team in Esplananden. If any one has any equally good viral cases and clips, please share.