Though most people have stopped following the Moskva down to Gorky Park, it’s still possible to listen to the Wind of Change. The last six months, supporters of open source, open standards and free flow of information on the web have been expecting the wind of change, and now it seems like it’s here: is an initiative focused on giving the user the possibility of moving information, pictures and so on between different kinds of social software and online services such as  Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube, FlickR and gmail. Right now, Facebook owns the information I’ve uploadet, including my pictures, videos etc. I pull this information out or acces it from different kinds of social software. want a free flowing web. totally within the users control and privacy.

The interesting thing is that the last couple of months, mastodonts such as Facebook and Google, as well as FlickR, LinkedIn and Twitter, have agreed on joing’s workgroup. 

Watch this short but interesting clip on the subject on

If I’m lucky, by christmas I’ll be able to take my contacts, personal information and pictures from my dead myspace profile and my sleeper-cell facebook ditto and transfer them to the by then latest social software craze on, say,