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Today I stumbled upon this fascinating opportunity: Choose your favourite granny to knit you a pair of socks of your own choice!

This nice little piece of alternative production and marketing from Swiss label Tarzan is based on the recent years’ knitting renaissance, lending the old school and authentic DIY hobby even more old school’ness and authenticity.

It takes your lieblingsnanny around two weeks to knit your socks, during which you can enjoy the fact that you’ll only pay 27.50 euro a pair.

If it’s due to the enourmous demand of granny-knitted socks or due the nannies’ well-deserved summer holidays, I don’t know. But if you’d like to buy a pair or two you’ll have to wait, because, as it says on their homepage, “The grannies are having a summer break”. Wonder if they spend their spare time knitting…