American advertising company Cutwater have done a good job in the field of viral marketing lately. In three weeks they’ve created close to 3.5 million views on youtube each for Levi’s and Ray Ban. And that with only one single two-minute, unbranded ad for each company.

So have the ads got anything in common? Indeed they have. So here’s the recipe for all of you out the who’d like to top youtube’s Most Wanted list:

1. Take a group of young urban lads

2. Add a product, preferably clothings or accessories

3. Make the lads do difficult, entertaining and physical stuff with the product, e.g. backflipping from a swing into a pair of jeans or throwing a pair of sunglasses throug the window of a speeding car onto the face of the driver.

This, at least, is the way Cutwater have done things very successfully, with viewers adding videos of themselves copying the stunts. So why change a winning team? I’m looking formward to seeing their ad for Global Kitchen Knives. Wonder if viewers will have difficulites copying “guy catching knife with eye”?