GoViral were back again this year to close Sunday’s session. I they were a positive surprise. Last years presentation was quite bland in my opinion. But they stepped up a notch this year introducing what they call the “Social Metropolis”. Which is basically a referral to the shantytowns of all the social networks and interlinkedness. Very chaotic and disorganized. Which I guess is why we are having such a hard time commercializing it still. Branded content is the way into these shantytowns according to GoViral. I think it’s a good move for GoViral to get into the content discussion instead of keeping to the viral advertising rhetoric, which is getting a bit uninteresting. But 3 years in a row on the presentation stage is a lot, with a quite limited niche of online and mobile tracking and seeding and I don’t think they will make it 4 in 2009, possibly unless they really develop their mobile offering.