The concept here is basically presenting cool stuff, that created WOM from the pervious year. One of those was Sony’s Bubblefilm, which of course is an OK film in it self. But around Miami where the film was shot. The recording of the film was a huge event, which I don’t know how many hectolitres of foam being unleashed, but enough to make people talk. Branded utility was of course mentioned here also – Samsungs branded power sockets in Airports was mentioned as a good example here. Next up was Bebo, which is for creating and publishing Web TV series, with 500 million views. Not bad. Prodi’s film made by and for people with downs syndrome was pretty cool. And finally they showed a hilarious clip of some basement genius developer, who invented something he called “Head Tracker”, which essentially takes the controller and receiver from the Nintendo Wii, switches them around and then invented 3D television. EA recruited him after they saw the film. I’m sure he’s making at least 6 figures.