Ogilvy presented four mega trends which are shaping the communications world right now and in the (near) future. Dada – Dadaism of course is/was a collaborative art movement, based on mash-up and playing/customizing existing art. Sort of the grand father of graffiti art. The implication of course is that the modern social consumer is like this. They are the communicators that take the marketers traditional comms and reworks them thereby making it cool and relevant.  Data – everything is and should be measurable. Technology is changing possibilities, rfid tags eg. Makes consumers extremely addressable. Alpha – focus on the alpha males or top dawgs. This is an old notion of focussing on the 20% that will sell the message to the remaining 80%. Focus on the Super Connectors. Beta – always in Beta is the fact that time to markets are getting and need to be very short, because the attention span of the consumers is very short and technology is evolving at crazy paces so we need to be in perpetual development and keep learning and correcting and creating…so not a lot of new stuff in the presentation, but they did it well and its always nice to have focussed people giving focussed presentations – 4 trends, four implications. Done.