Proximity held a very nice seminar on the lost generation – The X’ers, stuffed between the two bigger generations – The Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Generation X of course is characterized as those people born between 66-76. The ironic self-loathing Kurt Cobain, grunge-lite teens and twenties of the 90’s. How do they look today? Well Proximity painted an interesting picture of the Y’ers, as the ones where only fame, fortune and success matters. The Baby Boomers are the conservative, traditional, nationalistic “old farts”. And the X’ers today, actually turned into the still reflective and questioning, but now optimistic guys. Who’da thought? 3 categories were presented. The Cruisers – urban, music lovers, eclectic taste, always seeking originality and basic form – a bit anarchistic and keeps people at a distance. The Nesters are high on design. They lead insular lives but love to entertain in the privacy of their very nice looking home. They love cooking freedom and are generally a liberal explorative lot. Finally we have the Super Breeders. They are the ones with all the kids. The Nesters had a few but these guys are living through their kids…sort of as the Baby Boomers. They are very protective of their lives, slightly losing identity, but happy and content.