This was again one of my favourite seminars. They have cool shit going on. They presented 3 cases that they were and had been working on lately. NIKEiD – Nike’s custom shop on the Net and in their NikeTowns. Nothing new but very cool and excellently executed – a service that not only sells high priced sneakers, but also creates WOM, goodwill, etc. I actually heard that they were also doing a photo version og ID, where you upload a picture and have that put on the shoe. Next was Baller’s Network – basically a game scheduler for people who play basketball. In here you can find out where the games are, you can challenge friends, find out who’s the best and the worst. Many of the same functions as Nike+, a bit more niche, but very cool. They integrated an application for FaceBook, so that you can have challenges and challenge directly on your profile. Again everyone talks about it but Nike just does it – no pun intended. Other cool stuff – The Human Race is a happening where they hope to get 1 million runners out to run 10k’s on August 31. 2008. Stefan Olander, Global Comms Director for Nike, announced it almost as 9/11. Very American…for a Swede that is. Every one who docks their Nike+ are a part of it. But they will do Run London’ish stuff in something like 10 cities. Basically this is a Nike+ event. Finally, of smaller stuff, they presented an other cool little application called My Nike+ Mini, which is a little avatar for your FaceBook profile, which reacts according to your runs and activity – so it links up with Nike+ and does fun stuff. The basic concept of Nike revolves around 3 pillars – Customization, mobility and personal data. They create stuff that drives use of product and creates loyalty and WOM. Yes indeed.