So what sums up Cannes ‘08. Well I don’t think there really was anything new under the sun this year. Basically, the presenters were the same as last year and they didn’t really haw that much new to say. Of course this is a bit disappointing. But the hole new media user-generated revolution happened a few years a go. Everything is still pretty theoretical, which means that there aren’t that many cases. At least good ones. So to be honest I don’t expect that much new stuff next year either. One thing though. Cannes needs to get some new talent on the seminar stages. Its not cool to see the same people resent the same regurgitations year after year. And maybe pick some other angles of the biz than just digital and new media. Yes it is the most interesting happening since…forever. But having 30 presenters present the same stuff over and over again is not cool – how about some implications for branding, PR, design, etc. As far as entries go, well a lot of good press. The media entries were a bit disappointing. I sat through a few TV screenings. The general level is outrageously low. Out of 100 films, 5 are good. That’s just a waste of time and money. It looks like the Voyeuer campaign, for HBO, created by BBDO New York might take a Titanium. They cleaned up Grand Prix’s in pretty much all the other categories. And it is pretty cool. Fantastic webite, really cool outdoor, stripping the outer wall off an apartment block (or at least giving that impression). Along with print and TV it looks like a brilliant idea, fantastically executed. Its not driven by branded utility though. Since that has really been the buzz down here again, I’m not sure if that might work against the campaign. It shouldn’t because it really is straight up, top work.

I talked to Per Pedersen, who is the Danish Film Juror and creative and strategic exec at uncle in Denmark. He said that people (meaning the famous and important rock’n’roll stars in the juries) were talking a bit about the Nike, take it to the next level film, with the fantastic Eagles of Death Metal soundtrack. Obviously that’s going to win something, but not passed a Gold Lion I would think. Check out the film clip in another entry right here on digital vinyl. A personal comment is that music also seems to play a much bigger role than it has before. I guess the collapse of the music industry means that the bands are getting passed their artistic integrity qualms and cashing in. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but there really is no way around it. Nokia will launch their free music with the phone platform in Q4 08 probably. The different phone operator are starting to give free mp3s with their service, and the people at are making film and music downloads extremely easy. Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails release albums with user setting their own prices. This can’t be stopped. Recorded music will surely be free in a matter of very few years. We’ll see. But in line with the adding value and branded utility discussion I welcome better muic in commercials and on websites (Trent Reznor’s NIN website and alternative reality game for the Year Zero release won a Grand Prix Cyber Lion, how cool is that. It does look fucking excellent).

Of course the Halo 3 launch is looking extremely cool also. Mixing miniature soldiers, with war photography, real life “psycologists” for war veterans and veterans reminiscence. just the whole core idea is just brilliant.

Socially, the festival was excellent as always. Way too many Gin & Tonics at the Gutter, Way too many beers on the beach. Way too many drunken, let’s change the industry cuz we’re soo fookin’ brilliant discussion. I must admit. Writing this last Cannes post from the plane going back to Copenhagen. It wears you out physically and mentally, but its all a part of the experience and I do think that discussing the seminars over all the beers and G&Ts is actually healthy for the industry. Because this is what people talk about. We don’t discuss women or football, even in the midst of the Euro 08…OK we do discuss a little women, but the vast majority of all the discussions are on comms and creative people talk to the strategists and the media people. So as for the integration of creative and media and integrated new media comms I think more people should actually attend this festival – It should be mandatory for all the young guns and old farts within pedagogic reach. You just don’t get this level of inspiration anywhere else…not even on Digital Vinyl. So let that be the closing remarks from a very tired Kristian Baek en route from Cannes to Copenhagen. Au Revoir.

A very tired Kristian Baek on the plane from Cannes to Copenhagen