Tribal presented another Wii hack. This one called Wiimba – which is the fusion of a Wii and a Roomba vacuuming robot – you know one of those which will do it by itself. You just press start and it starts in circles. Not as cool as the Head Tracker, but still…it seems that Wii is really creating a buzz and turning some heads.

Read all about it in It is pretty cool, although I really suck at it. Playstation was also mentioned. In PS3 they are launching a new service, where you create an avatar and can use him to buy stuff. A clothing manufacturer with the same concept was also presented. Guess SecondLife hasn’t lived in complete vain. Finally, a Disney and Google Earth co-op which actually looked very cool, was presented. Basically Disney had Google create a virtual version of their Euro Disney. The animation was photo quality, and as I understood the animations were done using a shitoad of high res photos, which makes a nice little Google Earth integration. It looked just great, so I’m sure the kids will love it.