I liked this seminar. Everyone talks about the same thing. It is quite interesting though when someone does it from a different perspective. The message from Wunderman was that the consumers are in charge and we need to create valuable content…jadajadajada. But in stead of talking from a media or content perspective, Wunderman talked about PR and conversations, which was fresh. The hook of the presentation was that we need to start conversations. And as such goes we need to release control, because it is impossible to control both sides of the conversation. 5 new rules were presented. 1) Active listening; 2) Join and lead the conversation; 3) Be the topic of the conversation; 4) Set your brand free; 5) Create many conversations. I think they are pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go into detail. Wunderman also presented a few interesting statistics. For instance that Automotiv industry  business is 1/3 driven by WOM. That more and more people are skipping the official test drive because they talk to friends and test drive their cars. And finally Wunderman pointed to the Internet as the future of PR or conversations. Places such as ePinions and Gizmodo are where it will all be happening. Good stuff in a new perspective.