Our clients want to know what motivates the purchasing decisions of their target audiences. To help them achieve these insights, we try to find better ways of revealing the complex factors that drive consumer choice. Our goal is to bridge the gap between statistics and human interaction so we can truly understand people’s lives. New media buzzwords like blogging and text messaging are on the lips and screens of clients and consumers.

We built our own secure blog site that, by actively engaging consumers, enabled us and our clients to gather real consumer insights.DigiFaces uses sophisticated technology to create a simple and user-friendly interface. We can stimulate discussion on any brand, category or product while enabling participants to express their opinions freely. It’s not just words. We can upload video and stills for participants to review and provide feedback. We often ask our participants to make videos about their everyday lives (relevant to the research), which we edit into mini-documentaries to help keep the research ‘alive’.

DigiFaces has rapidly become an effective multimedia blogging tool that engages consumers and delivers fascinating insights into how they think, feel and act.


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