…well contrary to popular belief they actually do not cut marketing spend. They leave that to the suckers.

Some of the great brands of the last semi decade were born in a recession…think iPod in ’91 and MTV in ’80. Moreover, the biggest adspender of all P&G are dedicated to keeping their heads cool and maintain their Ad spend – probably increasing their SOV even more because other cut spendings.

The cold numbers and statistics support this argument. Companies who maintain or increase ad spend in the face of recession actually increase sales more in the long term that companies that cut. Partially because they build the brand while the competition is silent and partially because the Brand recovery period from not spending of course does not come into play.

So – don’t be an asshole – keep to your long term strategy. Afterall a recession is short term (averages 9 months).

/Baek (much credit to Peter Vogel, who is Mediaedge:cia’s CSO for the APAC region, for collecting this information and these videos)