On sunday the 31 of August, millions of people will celebrate together by running 10k in 25 cities all over the world. And I bet the product- and brand developers will be celebrating with them. So how come everyone’s running and celebrating? Well, I’ll tell you that in a sec. First of all, Let me tell you about Nike+.

In short, The Nike+ technology is a measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run. This is done via a small chip, placed in the running shoe, which communicates with either your Ipod Nano or a Nike+ wristband. In this way, you can keep track of your personal records and personal workout statistics.

 But the real stroke of genius lies in the online integration. On the nike+ website, you automatically upload your running route, distance, pace etc. You can challenge other runners or join one of the many teams or clubs. You can set your own goals and follow your and your friends’ development.

 The members of the online Nike+community have run a total of 125 million kilometres and counting. And in six days, Nike+ entusiasts are going to run together all over the world. Why? The answer is quiet simple: The people behind Nike have been able to combine a product relying on groundbreaking technology (the chip/wristband/ ipod) with a fantastic online service. The community creates a common feeling between running ethusiats from all over the world. Thats content if you ask me. And that’s definately active engagement. 

 Me, I’m not a great running ethusiats. Give me a bike and I’ll race you up the alpe d’huez. But running’s not really my style, and I haven’t got the Nike+ gear. But I’ve registered online to see how it works, and on my front page I’m reminded of the sorry facts:

“I’ve completed 0 workouts for a total of 0 kilometres. My avergae pace is 0’0” per km”

This makes me sad, ’cause I’d really like to be a part of this community. It looks like great fun. Running’s never looked so attractive. Think I’ll wish for a pair of Nike+ running shoes for christmas. I’ve seen you can design them yourself. Mine would definately look like this: