So as a great many people around the world I ran 10k for theNike Human Race yesterday. For the uninitiated, The Human Race is Nike uniting all their Nike+ runners (and others) trying to get 1 million people to run 10k’s on the same day. So far they are about half of that, but people can still upload their data.

I never ran 10k before, so it was fun. Easier tan imagined. So far I’m a measily no 7-thousand something timewize though…what kind of a crazy bastard runs 10 k i 27 minutes…well well well.

My rank in the Human Race

But I must say – another great piece of comms planning from Nike – simple, uniting and something that makes people talk…and my Nike+ Mini went nuts on Facebook – still hasn’t stopped dancing:-)

Baek’s Nike+ Mini after the Human Race