Seems as if there’s a nike+ craze on Baek’s running, I’m writing. What a perfect division of labour.

But I’m not only writing, I’m also counting. Or at least, looking at at numbers. Through Google Insight you can get an overall impression of changes in popularity of all kinds of search words, both worldwide and in specific countries. So has Nike’s Human Race affected people’s online interest in Nike?

The answer is: Definately. The last month there has been a significant rise in the number of searches on “Nike”. Actually, “Nike” has hit the highest number of searches worldwide since their launch of Nike+ in may 2006.

In the same way, the use of the searchword “Nikeplus” exploded at the launch in may 2006, then fell dramatically. The last two months the numbers have skyrocketed again, culminating this weekend, simultaneously with the wolrdwide Nike+ Human Race.

Nike Human Race Worldwide 10K by austinistdotcom.

If Bernard Manirakiza of Austin, Texas on the picture above has googled  Nike, Nike+ or The Human Race lately, I don’t know. But its for certain that lots of others have been googl’ing… and running.