The 80’s are back – everyone is gaming again. Although the Commodore 64, complete with Tapedeck and floppy disks has been repolaced by Nintendo Wiii.

Just a short comment on all the talk of the new game launches from Guitar Hero 4 to Rock Band 2 to Tiger Woods 08, etc. There seem to be an increasing interest and focus on these games from a broader audience. I guess the interaction of Nintendo Wiii has made gaming less nerdy and “boys only”. Girls are playing Guitar Hero and bowling and everything else. This has really been a blue ocean, game changer kind of thing.

Mega Rock Bands sucha s G’n’R, ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica are using the new game launches to launch new Music. The Danish ban The Raveonettes also used a game to help their international break back in the early days of the millenium. This is really a force to be reconned with as different mediums and categories merge – music, games, film, sports.

The launch of the the new Tiger Woods game is a great example of this. I read that the game is supposed to be excellent – better than last years where the gameplay was confusing and too hard. There is however a glitch in one of the levels, where apparently virtual Tiger is capable of walking on water…ultra nerdy coders/gamers figured this out.

Now what do a smart game developer do – retract the game and apologize, costing a fortune…no EA Sports produce a viral clip of Tiger actually walking on water, elevating him even further to messianic status…Tiger was a sailor when he walkend upon the water, and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him, he said… Thanks to Leonard Cohen…sorry

Check out the clip.

The issue from my point of view – being a Nordic Comms Planner is how to commercialise as ever. Before we have more local game titles with mass appeal, the list of potential clients doing the in-game advertising thing will be short and limited to the big multinationals…we’ll see what happens.