Hey all

Fanta, Coca-Colas little sister has decided to enter the animated world by some of the same means that Coke have used over the last few years. They made a new series of TV spots, for their new Fanta B’Good – which is a bit healthier and fruitier, that are actually produced by Psyop who also did the animations for Happiness Factory.

I think its pretty cool, but also a bit of the same story…and copy cats do have a tendency to become boring quite fast. The premise of the ads are classic soft drink.

screen a – a cool kid has a problem

screen b – cool kid drinks a Fanta

screen c – Fanta absolves trouble and cool kid saves the day – and they all lived happily ever after…Actually not that cool when I come to think about it.
…a bit of happiness factory mixed with the old Mentos ads…The freshmaker. Hmm. Remember the old Foo Fighters video…another classic.

Anyways here are some examples of the videos…

and the Footos…now this is fantastic