For the fourth time New Media Days will kick-off on Wednesday next week. I will be following the tracks and blog from the venue. I’m especially looking forward to the presentations of  Tyler Brûlé (UK), Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Monocle giving his view on the current state of media and Ben Hammersley (UK) Associate Editor, Wired Magazine giving a talk about tomorrows trends beyond web 2.0. I’d really like to see what web 3.0 looks like if web 2.0 is already sooooo last season!

On Thursday I will look into the presentation with the catchy phrase: ‘The Obama Moment – How New Media Changed Politics’. Peter Leyden (US), Head of Next Agenda Project will be focusing on Barack Obama’s political campaign and how it has led to a new kind of politics: from top-down to bottom-up, and shifts in the use of media – from old broadcast media to new social media.

I’ll leave you with a very good example: Obama Girl. Obama’s fan number one (Obama’s official campaign office claims no share in this)! It’s a viral music video campaign born on the internet and watched by millions. Enjoy the lip-singing beauty in ‘I got a crush on Obama:

And this one less relevant – almost historical in: ‘Hillary, stop the attacks… love Obama Girl’: