Last week I took part in a workshop, focused on finding the proper communication platform for a Danish financial institution. It proved to be much more difficult than I’d imagined. Why? I’ll give you three reasons.

Firstly, they sell a low-involment product. Somehow people dont really care about how their money are managed, as long as it “works”.

Secondly, the underlying mechanics of privat banking, interest rates, payments and retirement savings are perceived as very complex.

Thirdly, the market is very generic. Most players offer largely similar products. That doesn’t make the branding easier.

I bet it’s a quite general problem for banks, accounting firms, investment bankers and insurance company.

Since then, I’ve done some thinking on the subject. Mostly on how to communicate something¬† which is complex and low-involving in a simple and slightly more involving way. This is when i stumbled upon this video in Neil Perkins blog

(made by the talented people at

I’m a big fan of this way of communicating a complex thing. Using a short video, showing numbers and words in an animated way, supplied by small icons of tanks, bombs and disabled persons.

Couldn’t this be used to explain complex economic issues? Especially to, lets say, 15-35 year old people, who’re used to this kind of visual style from internet videos? I bet it could. I see stacks of money rising and falling, icons of old and young people flashing over the screen.