Just after lunch we are back listening to Founder and Editor of the magazine Monocle, mr. Tyler Brulée. For those who might not know Monocle the magazine is kind of ‘the Economist meets WallPaper’. It is also the magazine who named Copenhagen the worlds best city for quality of life.

Observing the current state of media, Tyler Brûlée kept focus on the print media stating that there is no reinvention, little physical innovation in print and an erosion of quality of journalism. He then claimed that Monocle does keep wide frames, and as a result send a team to Alaska a year ago because someone from the Monocle-team said: ‘look, this governor might be interesting, she’s got Vice President candidate written all over her’. Without these wide frames, Monocle would not have been able to bring an exclusive with a – at that time – blonde! Sara Palin in those days when she was still below the radar.

Unfortunately Brûlée was only paying attention to the print media and mostly his own magazine. I was sort of expecting more from it and a wider perspective on media rather than this sales speech singing the praises of his own mag. An interesting point though was the creation of new revenue streams where Monocle as a high-end brand is also living through different other brands. Co-creating high quality travelling cases and aiming to create their own newsstands guaranteeing high quality in the experiences.