So New Media Days kicked off with an extremely viable David Weinberger, the author of the bestseller Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder

Change of media is not the change of content it’s all about interconnectedness and sharing. YouTube might seem to have taken over the traditional broadcast content. But content is not the heart of the internet, people build and share but what really counts is the connection between people, says Weinberger. We love connecting with each other!

Content might be the focus but the connection is the heart of it – who get’s to see it! In fulfilling this need metadata plays a huge part and it’s going through an important change. Basically metadata allows people to connect ideas.

Being messy is a good thing
In the real world mess is bad since it’s impossible to find stuff. On the Internet metadata is about being messy and allow people to tag pictures, texts and movies as much as they like. Because you never know what will be of importance in the future or right now to one person. Metadata is also a very democratic way to let people organize stuff on the internet as it fits into their lives as opposed to the real life.

Weinberger uses the example of how to sort your CD’s. So your girl- or boyfriend might want it alphabetically and you like it sorted by genre – only one of you ‘wins’. On the internet tagging the CD’s and sorting them through playlists you get to sort it based on different parameters and in the end share it and there you go: One huge interconnected playlist!

// iben