‘Web 2.0 is the longest suicide note in the history of media’
– those were the words from Ben Hammersley, the Associate Editor of Wired Magazine.

Hammersley ended day I with a packed auditorium. Although he welcomed us, the audience, by saying that we were the best looking audience ever, the praising didn’t help him much when people reacted pretty heated on his presentation in which he warned us not to give old media away to new media.

Today everybody thinks that they need to turn everything into a facebook application. Hammersley sees Web 3.0 as a movement from the web and the technology focusing on the craftmanship that the business already possesses instead rather than letting the users decide the level of quality and ambition. The media business has existed for a long time and has a lot of inherent skills which web 3.0 in Hammersley’s optic will be all about.

‘Why have we forcibly amateurized ourselves?! No other industry has ever done that’, said Hamemrsley causing a reaction of people accusing him of not getting web 2.0 at all and even selling out of his own ideals! The reaction from the audience was calling Hammersley’s point of view for ‘elitist bollock’.

‘To me web 2.0 is just a toolbox we can use to allow people to share, contribute and be part of the conversation’ said one of the audiences. The heated discussion could have continued for hours but as Hammersley himself stated the format of a session doesn’t allow shades of grey. Hopefully this session though will continue both IRL and online thanks to web 2.0 whether or not it’s sooooo last season.