It has become a tradition on the second day of New Media Days to begin with a round of political media spokesmen from the leading Danish parties. Usually this leads to a very vivid and entertaining exchange of opinions.

Unfortunately a lot of them cancelled the last minute. Instead there was a discussion among the political spokesmen Ellen Nørby Thrane, Venstre and Mikkel Dencker, Dansk Folkeparti with Chris Mottes, Deadline Games, Stephan Stephensen, Mingoville and Christian Peytz, Foreningen af Danske Interaktive Medier. If you can call it a discussion… there isn’t much to say, nothing new to add.

Except from the spokesman from Dansk Folkeparti who felt the need to share that he is also into new media, he heard about the phenomenon Facebook and recently made a profile. Not very impressive coming from a media spokesman.

Let’s hope the rest of the day will be more rewarding!

// iben