I just want to share this site and its services with you, if you live in Copenhagen or planning to visit: copenhagen.unlike.net/

It’s a city guide for the mobile generation which means you can access it via your mobile and it’s got this great feature ‘locate me’ telling you how far you are from the venue or the event:

Locate me

Locate me

There are other locationbased services linked to it and the city guide is showing you the cool stuff – it’s been selcted for you and is strictly editorial because the people behind wants it to stay cool. I happen to know one of them, Tomas, who told me that right now they’re relying on viral marketing depending on friends forwarding to each other. They made sure that you can integrate it on different platforms like FaceBook but also one of the features of the service allows you to personalize and put together different events, hotels, venues etc. for your own use or sharing/recommending it to others thus going viral for a good reason.

In 10 minutes they are going to show it here on New Media Days08. I’ll keep you posted.

// iben