YouTube enables the user and the content to reach each other in new ways and at the same time allows advertisers to reach their consumers in the most targeted way, says Benjamin Faes, Head of Youtube in the European region. More than 50% of the footage on YouTube has at least one comment, so it’s not just about watching, it’s also about participating.

It’s 13h’rs of video uploaded every minute on YouTube!
And it’s true a lot of content is usergenerated where consumers are becoming creators not only by producing the footage but also by commenting, linking etc. However a large number of companies are also tapping into this engaging behaviour and for strategically and commercial reasons they upload footage.

Professional content producers such as the BBC, CBS and Universal are partnering with YouTube to distribute and track the use of their content whilst testing new advertising formats. Right now it’s all about trying, is Faes statement. E.g. placing video formats on the homepage as if it was ordinary YouTube material so you can rate it, see how many watched it etc. Another type of adds are InVideoAds, which after 15 sec. of watching will appear as an overlay on top of the YouTube clip. If the user doesn’t click, then it will disappear again but it enables the user to interact with the commercial. YouTube stresses that they’re not mixing the real user-generated content with the commercial produced content but they foresees much more add formats in the future depending on the traditional media producers to deliver content.

I still  the usergenerated content though – think about the sneezing panda etc. – and here by the end of day 2 at New Media Days08 I’ll leave you with the skating dog.

// iben