Cultural mapping and mobile platforms, sensors and GPS in a mix creates a powerful network of location-based information that could influence a wide range of businesses: Tourism, urban planning, advertising etc.

For cosmopolitan citizens locationbased media tools are very useful if you want to travel in a seamless way making sure that you get to see the cool places. Unlike covers Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona and Copenhagen offering an editorial city guide which also works on mobile phones and the iPhone targetting people travelling who wants to get to the cool places while they’re visiting different cities.

Getlost is an open and experimental platform mapping different locations in Copenhagen which people suggest should be changed or debated.

Dopplr allows you to share your travel plans with trusted friends. You put in your travel schedule and link to your friends. It allows you to see where your friends are and you might be able to meet up with them.

I haven’t tried any of these services myself, but they all make sense and it’s great to see that the location-based tech which we’ve heard of for years, now finally walks hand-in-hand with content that is actually useful and definetely worth looking into.

// iben