Back in march, my dear colleague Iben did a blog post about Mark Penns book ‘Microtrends‘.

It’s a fascinating read, and, as a skilled statistician he’s got some very surprising points to make. Did you know that women car-buers are actually the majority of car-buyers in America today? But what about the car commercials? Mark Penns wrote about two years ago that most car ads are made for men. Let’s find out if he’s right.

Let’s have a look at new ads from womens top 3 favourite cars: Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen:

In this Hyundai i30 ad the woman’s the one with the key? Hmm, and no fast driving and big, moon-like landscapes? Well, what have Toyota got for us?

This time we have a young, male driver, but the three young passengers are young women, enjoying life, listening to their Ipod in the car. Come On Volkswagen, give us some misplaced testosterone! A man driving fast in a desert, maybe?

Yes, a young man driving fast in a desert in VW’s New Beetle! Marc Penn’s right, the ads ARE made for men. But hey, what’s this, lots of women driving, too? And a rainbow flag? Hrmpf, not especially oriented towards main stream men.

Okay, so none of the above focus on speed, power or naked women. Either Penn’s not right or else car ads have changed a lot in two years, which i doubt. It seems as if the ad agencies have understood, that some women have barriers when it comes to buying cars exclusively marketed for men.

Still, according to Penn, 70% of women are intimidated by automobile showrooms. Seems as if retailers still have some improvement to do.

// Jakob