This is both a laugh and a very interesting phenomenon. At the time of the launch of Apple’s Iphone in july last year, thousands of people were on the brink of Ifrenzying. This led to a lot of funny replicas.

The Original One:

The Knitted One:

The One Made Of Beads:

The Lego One:

The One Made Of Clay:

The Stitched One (with a salmon maki on the side?!?):

The Layer-Cake One (yummy!):

Apart from being funny, these are all proving hove apple and apple consumers have been succesful at co-creating a very powerful brand. You don’t see anyone knitting Nokia replicas or making a Zune MP3 player out of clay.

If your brand engages consumers to spent hours and hours of their spare time building replicas of your product, it seems to me as if you’ve hit a vital nerve. You’ve created loyal fans who see your brand as an important part of their identity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that managed to appeal to a broad target group. But what it certainly does mean is that you’ve created some very dedicated fans of your product. People who have the potential to become great ambassodors, who recommend your products to friends and families.

Don’t you think these 3 people have inspired many others to get their own Iphone?

Hmmm, the Iphone actually looks both quite cool and useful. Maybe I should get one myself. When’s Christmas?