Street soccer. Street Basket. Rollerskater Hockey. Skating. Parkour. Roughly 50% of the worlds population is living in urban areas, and many of them are immersing themself in street sports, if any sports at all.

They are easily accessible, since you don’t need prefixed fields or courts. Often you just need a ball and a city, and when it comes to the neckbraking moves of parkour, buildings, lampposts and lots of concrete is enough. Marketing professionals have dug into street sports, trying to get the coolness of the street culture to mix with their brand,  Nike being quite eager on this field.

But are there any high brow sports not being suitable for at street version? Well golf, I’d say. Or, at leat, that’s what I thought up till today, when I spotted this viral piece on

Big Danish financial institute Nykredit is sponsoring the Nykredit Masters, a female golf tournament. To raise awareness about Nykredit Masters and to increase the Nykredit brand preference, danish viral agency Club Viral launched the Nykredit Street Masters campaign. And here comes the brilliant part. Take a look at this 4½ minute video, it’s a bit long but it’ll be worth your while:

Okay. Now  you’ve seen it. And yes, I think it’s brilliant. And I’ll tell you why.

1. The Visuals.

I got a strangely mixed feeling of recognition and suprise when I saw the well-known triangle of Christianshavn Slotsplads, Højbro Plads and Storkespringvandet patched with a neat, green pitches of grass. Well done.

2. The Commentary.

Not being a golf enthusiast myself I can’t tell you if it’s a realistic depiction af a golf commentary. But it surely works for me. The commentaters mix well known sports lingo with professional golf expression.

3. The gags.

Getting a free drop because the ball is “embedded in a car window” and having to hit the ball from within a cafe are really good ideas.

4. The Actors.

The two commentators are casual as ever, and the winning golf player, Amanda Molthke Leth, doesn’t provoke the usual cringing feeling you get when top athletes are doing some acting. The winning gestures and smiles seem so real that, for a second there, I thought the video was real.

All in all a top knotch video that leaves you with a feeling of having seen a surreal street sports event, in the spirit of Ronaldhinos Touch of Gold-video. And the fact that Nykredit end up tying the Street Golf Tournament succesfully to their “Think Differently”-payoff just makes it even better.