I just returned from a trip to NYC – a city not surprisingly celebrating Obama. A friend of mine works for Obama’s campaign office and I got the chance to visit it myself. They have set up these so-called phonebanks on different venues in the city where volunteers go and call battleground states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania in order to turn more voters into Obama supporters. Other online tools enables people to do the same from home. These are just some of the examples of the new media tools which Obama so skillfully have implemented in his campaign.

It really is political innovation engaging people in a more profound way than just voting. Whereas the candidates would usually be dependant on traditional media, a huge part of Obama’s campaign has been led on digital platforms. Example of the shifts in the use of media: from old broadcast media to new social media is the use of facebook, a lot of viral clips and the average time spent on Obama’s YouTube: 13,3 minutes – yes minutes not sec’s! The fundamental shifts are also established in fund-raising: from the wealthy few to the middle class many and shifts in organizational models: from top-down to bottom-up.

Visit the official Obama website and take a look at the different engaging online tools and check out Next Agenda Project where Peter Leyden who was also keynote speaker at New Media Days 08 talk about the shift in paradigms.

// iben